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12V Air Compressor: Featured Image

12V Air Compressor: Top Rated Digital Automatic Portable Air Pump 2017

A 12V air compressor is a convenient, portable tool to keep your vehicle’s tires inflated, to assist in an emergency when you have a flat tire, or even to put air in inflatables like air mattresses and sports balls.  The advantage
Electric Planer: Featured Image

Electric Planer: Top 5 Best Rated Electric Handheld Planers 2017

An electric planer is used to shave wood from a surface in order make it level. If you are planning to do a lot of planing for a large project, then you should use a stationary planer that is also designed
Cordless Finish Nailer: Featured Image

Cordless Finish Nailer: Top-Rated Cordless 18V 16-Gauge Angled Finish Nailer

A cordless finish nailer is more convenient and saves time over a pneumatic or corded finish nailer.  Of the finish nailers available, a 16-gauge cordless finish nailer appears to be the most popular finishing cordless nail gun and most used. A
FEIN Power Tools: Featured Image

FEIN Power Tools: Top Rated Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool 2017

A German tool designer and manufacturer, FEIN Power Tools invented the oscillating power tool in 1967 and has been consistently developing and innovating tools and accessories for 50 years.  This has given FEIN Power Tools the distinct advantage of having the
Hammerdrill: Featured Image

Hammerdrill: 2 Top Rated Hammer Drill Drivers Outperform

It used to be a hammerdrill was the go-to tool for masonry and other materials that demanded force in addition to torque when drilling.  That meant that in addition to a hammerdrill, you also had to keep a regular cordless drill
Cordless Drill Driver: Featured Image

Cordless Drill Driver: Powerful New DEWALT Cordless Drill Driver

A cordless drill driver is one of the staple power tools in tool bags everywhere.  Whether you’re a handyman, homeowner, carpenter, crafts-person, electrician, maintenance technician, mechanic, plumber, or work in any of the many other trades, a cordless drill driver has become
Electrician Tool Pouch Featured Image

Electrician Tool Pouch: Top 7 Best Rated Electrician Tool Pouches

An electrician tool pouch is an essential part of any electrician’s gear providing organization, tool storage, and portability to their key tools.  An electrician tool pouch can come with a wide variety of specialized pockets to handle an electrician’s tools and
Starter Tool Kit Featured Image

Starter Tool Kit: Top 5 Best Rated General Tool Sets

Whether you’re just getting started yourself or you’re looking for a great gift for college students, new homeowners, new apartment renters, or even your kids, a starter tool kit will provide the basic tools everyone needs.  A starter tool kit can
Best Tool Bag DEWALT Featured Image

Best Tool Bag: Top 7 Best Rated Multi-Purpose Tool Bags

The one thing all tool users have in common is the need for a way to carry their tools.  Whether you’re a home contractor, technician, maintenance professional, construction worker, mechanic, other professional who has to carry their tools with them, you
Battery Check Featured Image

Battery Check: Top Rated Handheld Digital Battery Tester

In order to do a proper battery check, you need the right tool.  If you’re a technician and have to do a battery check on multiple battery types on a variety of vehicles, you need a portable digital car battery tester