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Gifts for Handyman: 10 Handyman Gifts Your Guy Will Love

Gifts for handyman are for those special guys in your life that deserve your appreciation for all they do.  A handyman is that unique guy who can fix things when they break often using limited tools and limited resources.  He may
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Cordless Jigsaw: Top 5 Best Rated Lithium-Ion Cordless Jigsaws

A cordless jigsaw is an essential tool for making intricate cuts in wood, metal, and ceramic when a power outlet isn’t available.  A cordless jigsaw is also handier than a corded jigsaw because there is no cord to get in the
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Ryobi Combo Kit: Top Rated 18V Ryobi Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit

You’re looking or a Ryobi drill driver and impact driver, but you’re not sure which ones you need.  Ryobi Power Tools is a trusted tool brand and its understandable that you would want their tools.  The smart thing to do is to buy
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Car Tool Kit: 7 Essential Automotive Tool Sets

A car tool kit is a handy set of tools you carry in your car to handle routine repairs and to be available when you need them while traveling.  It’s different from an emergency car tool kit which often contains emergency
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Sioux Air Tools: 4 New Improved Sioux Air Tools Series

Sioux Tools is a recognized pioneer in industrial pneumatic and handheld power tools and has been making tools for professional craftsman for more than 100 years.  You are likely to find Sioux air tools being used in the most demanding industrial
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Bosch Cordless Tools: 6 Top Rated Bosch 2-Tool Combo Kits

Cordless tools are some of the greatest inventions ever for the handyman, home owner, or the maintenance or construction professional.  Without the need for a cord hanging around their neck, an operator can feel free to roam anywhere a tool is
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Power Screwdriver: Top 7 Best Rated Portable Lithium Ion Cordless Screwdrivers

A cordless power screwdriver uses rechargeable battery power to take the place of a manual screwdriver and make driving and removing screws easier and faster.  Whether you’re putting up shelves, assembling furniture, installing a doorknob, or any of a thousand other
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Leather Tool Kit: Top 3 Best Hobbyist Leathercraft Tool Sets

I know from personal experience that leathercraft is a great hobby that is really fun and accessible for everyone.  If you’re just getting started, you will need a leather tool kit with at least the basics, some instructions on basic leathercraft
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BBQ Gift Set: 25 Awesome BBQ Grilling Tool Gift Sets

If you’re looking for that perfect gift for the chef family member or friend, a BBQ gift set is the perfect choice.  A BBQ gift set has all the tools your griller needs to make the best steaks, chicken, seafood, and
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Pink Tool Kit: Top 7 Best Rated Pink Tool Sets

The only thing better than a tool kit might be a pink tool kit with all pink tools.  Pink is an awesome color and a pink tool kit takes pink to places it has never been. A pink tool kit is