In order to do a proper battery check, you need the right tool.  If you’re a technician and have to do a battery check on multiple battery types on a variety of vehicles, you need a portable digital car battery tester that can also test the vehicle starting and charging systems.

Battery Check Auto Meter SB-300 Handheld Battery Tester Slim ViewA battery check is necessary because batteries fail for a variety of reasons.  Even before the end of its useful life, a battery can fail if you use it in the wrong vehicle, fail to secure it properly in the vehicle causing damage to the plates, let the electrolytic fluid get low or allow corrosion to build up on battery connections, overcharge the battery causing outgassing and fluid loss, or undercharge the battery causing sulfation.


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Using the right battery load tester to do a battery check periodically can alert you to problems before they damage the battery beyond recovery.  The right battery tester for a technician is accurate, portable, has the ability to test a variety of battery types, and can send its output to a printer for record purposes.



We searched battery and automotive forums, retail sites, customer review sites, social media, consumer sites, and manufacturer sites to find the most popular and best rated technician grade battery testers.


Take a look at our choice and see if it is the best battery tester for your needs!


Auto Meter SB-300 Technician Grade Intelligent Handheld Battery Tester

Battery Check Auto Meter SB-300 Handheld Battery Tester Main ViewTechnicians need reliable, accurate, portable battery testing across a variety of battery types like that provided by the Auto Meter SB-300 Technician Grade Intelligent Handheld Battery Tester.  It features the ability to simulate a true 40-amp load using Auto Meter’s patented and award-winning Digital Pulse Load (DPL) technology for more accurate, faster, and more complete testing along with the capability to send its test results output to infrared printers.  It also has the ability to test vehicle starting and charging systems along with the battery and all in less than 82 seconds.  Its easy-to-use testing protocol will help you rapidly and accurately diagnose battery issues with amazing speed and accuracy.  Its coverage includes all lead acid battery types including AGM with a battery CCA range of 100-1600.  With the SB-300 you get the best in performance, value, convenience, and ease-of-use in a truly portable, handheld battery tester.  Here’s what you need to know about this digital battery tester.

Battery Check Features

  • Fast, accurate battery, vehicle starting, and charging system automotive battery tester capable of accommodating all lead-acid battery types, including flooded, deep cycle, and AGM batteries, with CCAs in the range of 100-1,600
  • Auto Meter’s patented and award-winning Digital Pulse Load (DPL) technology applies a true, consistent 40-amp load to the battery in order to simulate real-world operating conditions consistent with BCI (Battery Council International) testing standards and requiring only a single technician to run full electrical system tests
  • Battery test results include measured true CCA, voltage and percent of charge, and the battery’s state of health (good, near end of life, or bad)
  • Tests partially discharged batteries
  • Built-in reverse polarity protection
  • Capable of detecting bad cells and discharged batteries
  • Automatically stores results of last 100 tests conducted for later retrieval
  • Capable of exporting test data wirelessly via an optional infrared PR-12 external printer, PR-20 bolt-on printer, or AC-12 PC cable
  • LCD screen displays intuitive menu-driven screens that enhance ease of use
  • Rugged composite housing and rubberized case boot resists damage
  • Includes 30-inch, 16 gauge leads with field-serviceable, professional grade clamps
  • English, Spanish, and French language options for menus and test results
  • Operational Temperature 0-120ºF
  • Dimensions are 4.5 x 7.1 x 1.4 inches and it weighs in at only 1.3 lbs.
  • Capable of testing both 6 and 12-volt battery systems
  • 1-Year limited warranty on tester and 90-day warranty on cables





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Battery Check Tester Comparison



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