The best cordless ratchet is the convenient, easy, and fast way to drive and remove a variety of fasteners without the need for a compressor or a long power cord.  The best cordless ratchet needs to have power, a long list of features, and a price that is affordable.

Best Cordless Ratchet: VonHaus 15-145US 3/8 Inch Wrench Set Intro ViewIt doesn’t matter how beautiful, how powerful, or how durable a cordless ratchet wrench is if the price is so outrageous that it threatens your home budget or even your business.  It’s probably not the best cordless ratchet for your needs.  That’s why we contend that a cordless ratchet for the DIYer or even a contractor should be a good value.


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On the other hand, if a tool isn’t durable, it doesn’t matter how much money you save if you have to keep replacing it repeatedly.  A tool that is a good value is affordable and durable.

Why cordless?  If you’ve ever dragged a 50-foot power cord or 50-foot pneumatic hose around a job site all day, the benefits are obvious.  A cordless model also has a better chance of getting into tight spaces where having a cord or hose would prevent it.

You’re looking for the best cordless ratchet.  What should you consider when choosing a cordless electric ratchet?

Key considerations include power, size, weight, speed, ergonomics, warranty, convenience features, and price.

Power and Speed

Power depends on torque and speed.  Ideally, the best cordless ratchet will have a balanced combination of torque and speed that produce plenty of power to drive and remove even tough fasteners.

Variable Speed Control

If your cordless ratchet always delivers maximum power to a fastener, sooner than later you’re going to strip or break it.  What you need is a variable speed control that can deliver less torque when tightening or loosening fasteners.  Most new cordless electric ratchets are variable speed.  Make sure the one you’re considering is as well.

Best Cordless Ratchet: VonHaus 15-145US 3/8 Inch Wrench Set Intro View2Battery

The power comes from the battery.  You want four things from a battery.  You want the plenty of power, the longest life possible, you want it to accept many charges before it dies, and you want it to be lightweight.  For the longest time, that wasn’t possible because battery technology was still catching up with the cordless craze.  Now cordless is synonymous with Lithium-ion and tools continue to get more compact and lighter in weight with the even more power.

Three important things about batteries.  First, larger capacity batteries with greater voltages are generally larger, heavier, and cost more but also provide more power.  Second, get a second battery. You will be glad you did.  Third, if possible, buy a kit that includes a charger and two batteries to save the most money on a cordless ratchet.

I have tools that are part of a system that uses the same battery.  The downside is that as battery technology improves, you’re pretty much stuck with what you have until you can justify the cost of the upgrade.

The huge upside for me is that I can walk out to the garage with a charged battery pack and operate any cordless tool I own.  I have six batteries, all charging, so when the ratchet, blower, trimmer, weed wacker, drill driver or other tool runs out of juice, I just grab another battery.


Murphy’s Law says that the fastener you need to reach will be in the most awkward, dark, tight space imaginable and right next to plenty of fasteners that are easy to reach, but you don’t need to reach them.  With that in mind, a compact ratchet is desirable.  Battery size can drive ratchet size and weight so it’s a tradeoff.  If you get a larger ratchet, you probably will also get longer battery life, but may have difficulty reaching into tight spots.


Yes, most cordless electric ratchets are relatively lightweight.  That is until you must hold one all day.  If you’re a mechanic and a cordless ratchet is your staple tool, you want one that is lightweight so that your wrist and arm don’t fall off at the end of the day.

Best Cordless Ratchet: VonHaus 15-145US 3/8 Inch Wrench Set Head ViewErgonomics

A lot has been made of ergonomics but, it’s just a fancy word for comfortable design.  In much the same as a ratchet’s weight, how comfortable it is to hold will determine how fatigued you are at the end of the day.  If it’s constantly slipping in your hand, you’re dropping it frequently, or its shape gives you a cramp in your hand, it’s not ergonomically designed.

Look for one with an anti-slip grip that is soft and comfortable to hold with controls that are easy to reach without straining.


Any tool you buy should come with at least a 1-Year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.  More than that, it should also come with some sort of customer service that you can call, chat with, or email to when you have questions or problems.


Maybe this one should be first, but in keeping with our position that value is more important than price, you should choose a cordless ratchet based on customer reviews, durability track record, performance features, and yes price.  Go for the value that buys you a tool for the long haul.  Hint: It may not be the lowest price.




Convenience Features

Some tool wielders like an LED light on their tool to illuminate low light areas and that makes sense.  Some tools have a “fuel gauge” that lets you know how much battery you have left.


A lock-out switch is required to prevent unintentional operation.


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We searched tool forums, manufacturer sites, consumer sites, social media, customer review sites, and consumer sites to find the most popular and highly rated portable battery-powered ratchet wrench.


Take a look at our choice and see if this powerful Li-ion-powered ratchet is the best cordless ratchet for your needs!


VonHaus 15/145US 3/8-Inch 12V Cordless Electric Ratchet Wrench Set

Best Cordless Ratchet: VonHaus 15-145US 3/8 Inch Wrench Set Main ViewThe VonHaus 15/145US 3/8-Inch 12V Cordless Electric Ratchet Wrench Set features a powerful 12VDC Max motor that delivers up to 35 ft-lbs. of torque in a compact and lightweight package.  Now you can complete tasks where no electrical supply is available or when operating in tight spaces and still have the power you’re used to from a corded model.  It has a superior fastening speed of 280 RPM with a variable speed trigger for excellent stability and control.  With its rapid-charge capability, you can charge a drained battery in just 1 – 1.5 hours giving you the flexibility to swap, charge, and change batteries all day long with just two batteries.


Best Cordless Ratchet: Features

  • 12VDC Lithium-ion, cordless electric ratchet wrench with a no-load speed of 280 RPM
  • Powerful 12VDC motor delivers a powerful 35 ft-lbs. of torque
  • Soft, anti-slip grip makes the ratchet comfortable to hold, even in awkward positions, and the well-placed forward/reverse lever makes it simple to change between loosening and tightening
  • Its Lithium-ion battery has no “memory effect”, virtually no self-discharge, and is chargeable no matter what its current energy status
  • You get the additional advantage of rapid-charge action which fully charges the battery in just one to one and a half hours





  • Intuitively designed, the built-in communication system between tool, battery and charger provides optimizes performance and prevents overload
  • A built-in LED light illuminates dark work spaces
  • An onboard ‘fuel’ gauge uses a Red/Amber/Green indicator light to precisely monitor remaining battery charge status
  • The set comes with a single battery and battery charger, so you have what you need to start working right away
  • Lock Off switch prevents unintentional operation
  • 1-Year limited manufacturer’s warranty


Best Cordless Ratchet: VonHaus 15-145US 3/8 Inch Wrench Set Intro ViewCustomer Reviews

See VonHaus 15/145US 3/8-Inch 12V Cordless Electric Ratchet Wrench Set Customer Reviews >>>



  • Plenty of torque
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Value priced
  • Excellent quality construction and materials



  • Noisy operation
  • If you want it to be made in the USA, this is not your tool.  Von Haus sounds German, but it’s made in China











Best Cordless Ratchet



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A cordless ratchet is the convenient, fast, and easy way to drive and loosen fasteners without the need for an air compressor or long power cord.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the best cordless ratchet for your needs!

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