A cordless finish nailer is more convenient and saves time over a pneumatic or corded finish nailer.  Of the finish nailers available, a 16-gauge cordless finish nailer appears to be the most popular finishing cordless nail gun and most used.

Cordless Finish Nailer: DEWALT DC618K XRP 18V 16-Gauge Crown ViewA cordless finish nailer is like a brad nailer in that it also uses high-gauge nails and can be commonly found in the toolkits of finish carpenters and cabinetry makers.  The difference is in the size of the nails.  Finish nailers use larger nails than brad nailers.

If you frequently work on projects where you have to nail crown molding, baseboards, cabinets, chair rail molding, wood furniture, paneling, shelving, casing, window trim, door trim, hardwood floor, millwork, and larger decorative trim, a cordless finish nailer will get the job done faster and make your life on the job much easier.


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Finish nails are generally longer and larger than brads, but still, create a small enough hole that they can be easily hidden with putty and then painted after the nailing is finished.

What are some features to look for when considering a cordless finish nailer?

Size and Weight
Finishing work is typically an all-day job over multiple days.  That means that you need to hold your finish nailer electric nail gun in your hand for extended periods.  A cordless finish nailer doesn’t have a cord or pneumatic hose connected that you have to drag with your and manage.  That reduces the stress on your wrists.  Still, if the nailer itself is heavy, it will take a toll on you over time.

The battery on some models can add significant weight to the tool.  The larger capacity of the battery, the more it weighs and the larger it will be.

A finish cordless nailer needs Cordless Finish Nailer: DEWALT DC618K XRP 18V 16-Gauge Baseboard Viewto get into tighter spaces and work at odd angles compared to other nailers and so size is an important consideration.  Angled nailers reduce the overall height of the tool and can make it easier to use in tight spaces.

Look for a smaller, angled cordless finish nailer with a lighter, modern technology battery that weighs the least amount possible to help you keep working longer without as much fatigue.

Nail Firing Operating Modes

Finishing work sometimes lends itself to sequential, precise one-at-a-time nailing and sometimes you aren’t as concerned with precision as you are with speed.  For those times, you want a nailer that does high-speed bump firing.  A nailer with both modes is ideal.





Nail Depth

As important as accurately firing the finishing nail is the need to achieve the right nail depth.  Some finish nailers come with an adjustable depth control that allows you to precisely control depth.  You should expect that any cordless finish nailer you buy will deliver consistent nail depth in a variety of wood types.

Cordless Finish Nailer: DEWALT DC618K XRP 18V 16-Gauge Doorway ViewLighting

As much as any tool, a finish nailer finds its way into dark spaces like cabinets or low-light areas like baseboards near the floor.  A cordless finish nailer with LED lights can deliver shadowless light directly to the surface so that you can see what you’re doing without needing additional lighting.


No matter how careful you are, eventually you will experience a nail jam.  It’s just the nature of the nails you work with.  How you deal with the jam is important.  If you have to go get a screwdriver or wrench in order to try and remove the jam, you’re wasting time and money.  Look for a model that features tool-less access like a swing-open nosepiece that allows you to quickly and easily remove the jam without a lot of downtime.


A long warranty is an indication that the manufacturer has faith in their materials and workmanship.  Look for the longest warranty available and if possible a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the tool.


We searched tool forums, manufacturer sites, social media, customer reviews sites, retail sites, and consumer sites to find the most popular and highly rated cordless finish nailer.


Take a look at our choice and see if this angled cordless finish nailer is the best finish nailer for your needs!


DEWALT DC618K XRP 18-Volt Cordless 16-Gauge Angled Finish Nailer Kit

Cordless Finish Nailer: DEWALT DC618K XRP 18V 16-Gauge Main ViewThe DEWALT DC618K XRP 18-Volt Cordless 16-Gauge Angled Finish Nailer Kit is a compact finish nailer that can drive 16-gauge finishing nails from 1-1/4 to 2-1/2 inches in length at up to five nails per second in bump firing mode.  It gives you the power, speed, and ease of pneumatic nailing with the precision of hand-nailing in one lightweight package.  It features DEWALT’s 18V XRP batteries that deliver plenty of power, long life, and are rechargeable in about an hour.  This is the ideal tool for finish carpenters, handymen, and cabinetry makers who need to drive finishing nails into baseboards, shoe molding, crown molding, chair rails, paneling, hardwood flooring, staircases, window casings, door casings, and more.  Leave the compressor behind and enjoy the convenience and performance of this DEWALT cordless finish nailer.

Cordless Finish Nailer: Features

  • 18-volt cordless 16-gauge 20-degree angled finish nailer
  • 20-degree angled magazine and narrow nose allow it to fit into tight spaces like under toe kicks and inside cabinets
  • Rear load magazine holds 110 finishing nails and is designed to seal out dust and debris that can cause malfunctions
  • Drives 16-gauge finish nails from 1-1/4 to 2-1/2 inches in length into softwood, hardwood, plywood, and other sheet goods
  • Two operating modes include Sequential for precise one-at-a-time nailing or high-speed Bump firing for rapid production work
  • Precise depth-control mechanism with 6-position dial enables you to move between applications without having to re-acquire exact depth setting
  • Integrated shadowless LED lights provide perfect nail placement in low-lit or shadowy areas
  • Consistent nail penetration into both soft and hard joints
  • Swing-open nosepiece makes it easy to clear jams
  • Safety contact lock-off disables trigger to prevent accidental firings
  • Cordless Finish Nailer: DEWALT DC618K XRP 18V 16-Gauge Warranty ViewNo-mar tip prevents damage to wood surfaces
  • Weighs 8.5 lbs.
  • Powered by 18V XRP NiCad batteries that provide up to 40% longer runtimes than standard NiCad batteries and capable of being recharged in one hour using a one-hour charger
  • 3-Year limited warranty, 90-Day money-back guarantee, and two-year service contract on the XRP battery
  • Made in USA with globally-sourced materials






Included Accessories

  • 1 – 18V XRP NiCad battery
  • 1 – One-hour 18V battery charger\
  • 1 – No-mar tip
  • 1 – Pair safety glasses
  • 1 – Reversible belt hook
  • 1 – Plastic protective storage case



Note: If you want a lighter tool, get the DEWALT DCN660D1 20V Max Cordless Li-Ion 16 GA Angled Finish Nailer Kit which weighs approximately 3.3 lbs. at 5.2 lbs. less than this model.


Customer Reviews

See DEWALT DC618K XRP 18-Volt Cordless 16-Gauge Angled Finish Nailer Kit Customer Reviews >>>



  • Angled design fits in tighter spaces
  • Drives 2.5-inch finish nails easily and precisely
  • Long battery life



  • Must use DEWALT or Paslode nails which can be expensive
  • Some complaints that 8.5 lbs. too heavy








Cordless Finish Nailer: Comparison



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A quality cordless finish nailer saves time for trim carpenters, cabinetmakers, and others who routinely install baseboard, shoe, crown molding, chair rails, paneling, hardwood flooring, staircases, window casings, door casings, or door jambs.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the best cordless finish nailer for your needs!

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