A German tool designer and manufacturer, FEIN Power Tools invented the oscillating power tool in 1967 and has been consistently developing and innovating tools and accessories for 50 years.  This has given FEIN Power Tools the distinct advantage of having the most comprehensive system for interior work and renovation available.

FEIN Power Tools: FEIN AFMM18QSL Cordless Multimaster Multi Tool Scraping ViewFEIN Power Tools retains numerous patents like their vibration decoupling and new Starlock tool mounting system that have set the standard for the industry.

What makes a great cordless oscillating multi-tool and what makes FEIN Power Tools the best?

Cordless Power

Traditionally multi-tools have been corded because they draw a lot of power when cutting, scraping, and sanding.  The FEIN Power Tools high-performance 18-Volt lithium-ion cordless power tools system is combined with a high-torque motor to deliver the same power as a corded model.  You get all the power and functionality without being tied to an outlet.  Just imagine the flexibility that a FEIN Power Tools FEIN Multimaster Cordless Multi-Tool will afford you.


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Quality Workmanship

FEIN Power Tools is known for its high-quality German engineering, workmanship, and the use of only the best materials.  All that translates into longer tool life and more precise operation.  For instance, Its 18-volt DC motor features an all-metal gearhead

FEIN Power Tools: FEIN AFMM18QSL Cordless Multimaster Multi Tool Plunge Cut ViewLower Noise and Vibration

FEIN’s design uses four flexible damping elements to completely isolate the housing from the motor to reduce vibrations by up to 70 percent and noise up to 50 percent when compared to the previous model.

Quick-Change Blade Mounting System

Key to ease of use it the blade changing system on any power tool and the same is true of a multi-tool.  FEIN Tools has invented the StarLock Mounting System that eliminates pins and requires no tools to operate.  Using StarLock, blade accessories can be changed out in three seconds or less.



Don’t let the quick-change system on a FEIN multi-tool fool you.  The unique geometry of the FEIN multi-tool tool head in combination with StarLock accessories guarantees a solid connection and the transfer of power to the workpiece. The accessories simply snap into the tool head for a secure and accurately seated connection and they are also easily released by lifting the lever on the tool head.


We searched tool forums, social media, manufacturer sites, consumer sites, customer review sites, and retail sites to find the most popular and highly rated multi-tool.


Take a look at this capable cordless multi-tool and see if it’s the best oscillating multi-tool for your needs.


FEIN AFMM18QSL Cordless MultiMaster StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool

qFEIN Power Tools: FEIN AFMM18QSL Cordless Multimaster Multi Tool Kit ViewIf you want the best in oscillating multi-tools, you need to get a FEIN AFMM18QSL Cordless MultiMaster StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool that comes with the features and accessories you need to tackle a multitude of tough tasks.  It’s designed to make your tough jobs easier, faster, safer while lasting longer than less durable tools.  It delivers the same power as its corded counterparts thanks to a powerful 18-volt lithium-ion battery-powered DC motor.  It delivers all that power with up to 70 percent less vibration and 50 percent less noise thanks to its innovative vibration isolation system.  Lower vibration translates to less operator fatigue, more precise cuts, and longer tool life.  Whether you need to cut, scrape, or sand, this oscillating multi-tool will help you get your task done faster, easier, and safer.





FEIN Power Tools: Features

  • Powerful 350-watt, low vibration, low noise, high performance 18-volt lithium-ion cordless oscillating multi-tool with high-torque motor that delivers 11,000 to 18,000 RPM and quick-change blade system
  • Four flexible damping elements completely isolate the housing from the motor to reduce vibrations by up to 70 percent and noise up to 50 percent compared to the previous model
  • All metal gearhead gives this multi-tool more torque and longer life
  • Patented snap-fit StarLock mounting system is a pin-less, tool-free quick change system that provides effortless change of accessories in less than three seconds and delivers outstanding torque transfer
  • A wide range of accessories for specific applications are available that are designed to save a great deal of time and effort in all operations
  • Two 2.5Ah Safety Cell batteries are designed to protect against overload, overheating, and deep discharge and have an integrated capacity indicator on each battery
  • FEIN Power Tools: FEIN AFMM18QSL Cordless Multimaster Multi Tool Sanding ViewIntegrated interface mount accepts additional system accessories
  • StarlockPlus mounting system is compatible with all Starlock and StarlockPlus accessories
  • Weighs only 4.0 lbs. including the battery
  • 3-Year warranty



  • 1 – Backing pad
  • 3 – Each sanding sheets (grits 60, 80, 120, 180)
  • 1 – Rigid scraper blade
  • 1 – HSS segment saw blade
  • 1 – E-Cut Long-Life saw blade 2-9/16 in (65 mm) (type 161)
  • 1 – Universal E-Cut saw blade 1-3/4 in (44 mm) (type 152)
  • 1 – Rapid charger ALG 50
  • 2 – Li-Ion batteries (2.5 Ah)
  • 1 – Protective tool carrying case


Customer Reviews

See FEIN AFMM18QSL Cordless MultiMaster StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool Customer Reviews >>>



  • Low vibration and low noise
  • Power like a corded model
  • Quick-change system makes it fast to switch blades
  • Unbelievable number of accessories and FEIN multimaster blades



  • None noted






FEIN AFMM18QSL Cordless MultiMaster StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool User Manual >>>




FEIN Power Tools: Oscillating Multi-Tool Comparison



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If you do a lot of inside construction or demolition you know how important a good multi-tool is to your operation.  FEIN Power Tools makes the best multi-tools on the market and their new cordless model takes its utility to a whole new level!  If you’re thinking about buying a multi-tool you owe it to yourself to try one from FEIN Power Tools!

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