A portable solar power generator allows you to provide power to electronic devices and charge smartphones, tablets, and more while off the grid camping, hunting, fishing, or enjoying other outdoor adventures.  A portable solar power generator can actually accept power from other sources besides solar, but having the flexibility to accept solar power from a panel, makes them so useful off the beaten path.

Portable Solar Power Generator: Kalisaya KP401 384 Wat Hour Kit Intro ViewWhat should you consider when buying a portable solar power generator?


Your first consideration should be how much power you need.  That requirement lets you size your generator system to your needs and makes sure you don’t buy a larger system than you need.  Larger systems have larger batteries, are heavier, and take up valuable space you could use for other equipment and supplies.

Power Needs

What will you use the solar generator to power?  First, you’re not going to be able to run all your camping lights, electronic equipment, etc. from a solar powerd generator.  Solar power generators are designed to provide electrical power to recharge smartphones, tablets, cameras, GPS systems, laptops, and other low power devices.  They can also power low watt LED lighting, tire inflators, or similar devices in an emergency.






Simultaneous Charging

How many devices do you need to recharge or power simultaneously?  Solar generators come with different numbers of USB ports and 12VDC power ports.  The number of simultaneous charging and powering ports you need will help determine which unit to buy.

Charging Sources

A portable solar generator consists of a battery that you can charge using a solar panel or other electrical power source.  Solar generators that also accept a charge from 120VAC and 12VDC sources other than solar give you options and increase your flexibility.


If you’re counting on the Sun to charge your portable solar power system, make sure that you will be in a sunny place.  It sounds simple, but if you’re not camping in the desert in Arizona, it’s likely you Portable Solar Power Generator: Kalisaya KP401 384 Wat Hour Kit Intro View 2will run into cloudy or rainy days that will render your solar panels ineffective.  Solar panel generators are really a bonus to use on sunny days to save your other power sources.


Portability means different things to different people.  You should expect any portable solar power generator to be compact and easy to carry by one person.  Solar panels can be unruly, so get one that folds to compact dimensions to make it easy to store.  The solar generator unit is going to weigh more than 10 lbs. which doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you’re carrying it on your shoulder uphill, it can feel heavy fast.

Solar Panel

Not every solar generator actually comes with a solar panel.  Make sure the unit you buy includes the solar panel or be prepared to purchase it separately.


We searched camping forums, social media, manufacturer sites, consumer sites, customer review sites, and retail sites to find the most popular and highly rated solar power generator.


Take a look at our choice and see if this portable solar power system is the best solar generator for your needs!


Kalisaya KP401 KaliPAK 384-Watt Hour Portable Solar Generator System

Portable Solar Power Generator: Kalisaya KP401 384 Wat Hour Kit Main ViewThe Kalisaya KP401 KaliPAK 384-Watt Hour Portable Solar Generator System is the powerful, yet lightweight way to enhance your off-grid experience providing charging power for smartphone and tablets or powering LED lights, mini car fridges, mobile PA systems, video camera, handheld and portable medical devices, digital cameras, 12VDC flat panel TVs, car battery jump starters, and tire inflators when needed.  For example, it’s capable of charging an iPhone 64 times before needing recharging.  One unique feature is its Bluetooth capability that allows you to monitor the PAKs consumption level from your phone or tablet.  In addition to being compact, lightweight, and powerful with 384 Wh of charging capability, this model is very flexible accepting power input from a solar panel, an AC/DC wall charger, or a 12VDC power port.


Portable Solar Power Generator: Features

  • 384 Watt-hour, 26Ah Lithium-ion battery, portable solar power generator with 40W solar panel
  • Durable polycarbonate weather resistant enclosure
  • Bluetooth 4.0-capable to monitor the PAKs consumption level using KaliAPP on your phone or tablet
  • Accepts power input from a solar panel, 120VAC power adapter, or 12VDC power port
  • Charges iPhone up t to 64 times before needing recharging
  • Mini Powerkit included
    Compatible with all Kalisaya accessories
  • Recharges in approximately 12-13 hours using 4X solar panel (up to 40W)
  • Recharges from 12VDC power port or 120VAC adapter in approximately 7-8 hours
  • Safety features include a low battery cutoff and overload protection
  • Operating temperature from 32 to 113 degrees F / 0 to 45 degrees C
  • Safety certifications include CE, FCC, and RoHS
  • Dimensions are 13.3W x 13.3H x 6.5D inches and it weighs 13 lbs.



  • 4 – 5VDC/2A USB ports
  • 2 – 12VDC/4A outputs
  • 1 – 12VDC power port output accessible using 12VDC power port adapter





Included Accessories

  • 1 – Embedded 26Ah Lithium Ion Battery
  • 1 – 4X Folding 40W Monocrystalline Solar Panel with IP65 weather rating
  • Wide-Comfit Diagonal Shoulder Strap
  • AC/DC Power Adapter
  • Portable Solar Power Generator: Kalisaya KP401 384 Wat Hour Kit ViewCar Lighter Adapter
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Card


Compatible with Kalisaya accessories.


Customer Reviews

See Kalisaya KP401 KaliPAK 384-Watt Hour Portable Solar Generator System Customer Reviews >>>



  • Plenty of power for charging portable electronic devices
  • Charge up to four devices simultaneously
  • Easy to transport
  • Included solar panel lets you recharge off the grid



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Portable Solar Power Generator



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A portable solar power generator kit with solar panel is the complete off-the-grid power generation system to handle a variety of power needs while camping, hunting, fishing, and more.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the best portable solar power generator for your needs!

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