Sioux Tools is a recognized pioneer in industrial pneumatic and handheld power tools and has been making tools for professional craftsman for more than 100 years.  You are likely to find Sioux air tools being used in the most demanding industrial manufacturing, assembly, and finishing operations where quality and durability are essential to continuing operations.  Sioux Tools has a huge lineup of over 800 industrial-grade tools.  A member of the Snap-On family, their new series of Sioux air tools are more powerful, more durable, with better features than ever.

Sioux Air Tools ID375AP-2Q 1/4-Inch Impact Driver Metal ViewSioux Tools has recently released several new series of Sioux air tools that have been designed with better comfort and ergonomics, use lighter, stronger materials producing a better power to weight ratio, and are easier to maintain.

We have highlighted four of them in this article including the Sioux Force Tools 672-IW500MP-4R ½-Inch Air Impact Wrench, the Sioux Tools ID375AP-2Q Impact Driver, Sioux Tools SAG10S18 18,000 RPM ¼-Inch Angle Die Grinder, and the Sioux Tools GO459-60SNP Geared Non-Vac 6-Inch Orbital Sander.

Power tools, no matter the quality and reliability can fail.  It’s unlikely that any power tool you buy will last a lifetime without problems.  That’s one of the things that sets Sioux air tools apart from other brands.  They are designed for heavy use in industrial environments which means that downtime costs money so tools need to be easy to maintain.  Sioux tools are designed from the ground up to be easy to repair and maintain so that they can last a lifetime.


Take a look and see if one of these quality Sioux air tools is the best air tool for your needs!


#1 – Sioux Force Tools 672-IW500MP-4R ½-Inch Air Impact Wrench

Sioux Air Tools IW500MP 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench Main ViewThe Sioux Force Tools 672-IW500MP-4R ½-Inch Air Impact Wrench is a brand new model that benefits from many new features that improve its ergonomics, power-to-weight, and durability.  It features the best power to weight ratio, an all-new forged 7075 aluminum body, a premium impact mechanism, and an overall weight reduction of 4.2 lbs. for easier handling and maneuverability.  The air regulator has been moved to the back of the tool and converted to a large, easy-to-use dial.  New materials and constructions techniques have contributed to a 3X increase in durability and advances in ergonomics have improved its centerline balance and comfort.  Here’s what you need to know.

Sioux Air Tools Features

  • ½-Inch, 780 ft.-lb. max torque air impact wrench
  • Exterior nose is made from forged 7075 aluminum that contributes to a 3X increase in durability, toughness, and wear properties
  • Cold-forged twin hammers and 4340 machined dogs have contributed to its 20X Life Test improvement and frame machined from wrought material with precision machining of critical features improves load and achieves 7.4X Life Test improvement, a maximum pin hole taper of 0.010 inches, and a porosity of 0%
  • Dogs are made from an improved material with full part density for improved dimensional control
  • New Power-Flare geometry reduces stress and increased productivity
  • Anvil wing has been dimensionally optimized to provide better contact/impact and wear resistance and its shoulder extended to increase contact area and improve durability
  • Designed with ergonomics in mind, it features better centerline balance and comfort
  • Overall weight reduction of 4.2 lbs. makes the tool much easier to maneuver and handle
  • Improved air regulator has been moved to the back and converted to a large dial for ease of use
  • Its forward/reverse mechanism has been redesigned as a positive contact side-to-side control
  • Strong, versatile trigger control
  • Built in Murphy, North Carolina


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  • Sioux Air Tools IW500MP 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench Usability ViewAir consumption: 4 CFM
  • Bolt Screw Size: 5/8-inch
  • Center to Side Distance: 1-1/2 inches
  • Control Type: Forward/Reverse
  • Cycle Rate: 1,200 IPM
  • Free Speed: 9400 RPM
  • Handle Type: Pistol grip
  • Hose Size: 3/8-inch
  • Housing Material: Aluminum composite
  • Inlet Size: ¼-inch NPTM
  • Length: 7-inches
  • Noise Level: 85.0 dB
  • Pressure: 90 PSI
  • Retainer Type: Ring retainer
  • Torque: 780 ft.-lbs.






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#2 – Sioux Tools ID375AP-2Q Impact Driver

Sioux Air Tools ID375AP-2Q 1/4-Inch Impact Driver Main ViewSioux Air Tools ID375AP-2Q 1/4-Inch Impact Driver Driving Screw ViewAssemble fasteners more quickly and efficiently with no torque reaction using the new Sioux Tools ID375AP-2Q Impact Driver.  Built off the tried and true Sioux Signature Series platform with an advanced ergonomic handle, it features comfortable operation with less fatigue and an improved impact rate of 5,000 blows per minute.  This NEW Impact Driver is built off of the Sioux Signature Series platform, which has already incorporated comfort and ergonomics into its handle design that gives you a better posture so you can apply more axial force.  With the addition of an oil seal to the front that eliminates leaks and contamination and critically-placed needle bearings to eliminate wear points and help the tool run smoother and cooler, the durability of the tool has been taken to a new level.  Its smoother impacting minimizes torque reaction.  Here’s what you need to know.


  • High power to weight ratio impact driver with ergonomic handle and a high impact rate of 5,000 blows per minute
  • Powerful working torque range up to 95 ft.-lbs.
  • Smooth Impacting that creates minimal torque reaction
  • Includes rubber boot for hammer case





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#3 – Sioux Tools SAG10S18 18,000 RPM ¼-Inch Angle Die Grinder

Sioux Air Tools SAG10S18 18,000 RPM 1/4-Inch Angle Die Grinder Main ViewqThe Sioux SAG10 Series of 1HP angle die grinders are designed for powerful, reliable performance in the most demanding applications and the Sioux Tools SAG10S18 18,000 RPM ¼-Inch Angle Die Grinder is one of the most power offered by Sioux Tools. With an efficient 5-vane motor and a heavy-duty steel gear head, this angle Sioux die grinder has the power, working speed and durability for the really big jobs. Its responsive teasing throttle provides smooth startups and excellent control and the compact gear case allows easy access in tight spaces. The new SAG10 Series of 1HP angle die grinders are part of a family of over 25 abrasive tools that all feature drop-in motors and a positively spaced rotor for quick and easy maintenance with no motor alignment, no press fits, and no shims required.  Its powerful 1HP motor delivers best-in-class performance with excellent working speeds.  With a compact steel gear case that measures only 2.9 inches and weighing in at only 2.2 lbs., this tool provides excellent accessibility and comfort for working on long tasks with more control, maneuverability, and less fatigue.  You can expect easier maintenance thanks to a drop-in motor that requires no press fits or shims and high part interchangeability that require smaller service part inventories.  Here’s what you need to know about this air sander.

Sioux Air Tools SAG10S18 18,000 RPM 1/4-Inch Angle Die Grinder Cutaway ViewFeatures

  • 1HP, 18,000 RPM, ¼-inch angle die grinder
  • Compact and lightweight tool at only 2.2 lbs. with a steel gear case that measures only 2.9 inches long for better control, maneuverability, and accessibility
  • An efficient 5-vane motor and heavy-duty steel gear head
  • Precision ground dual-tapered collet
  • Comfortable, ergonomic safety lever




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#4 – Sioux Tools GO459-60SNP Geared Non-Vac 6-Inch Orbital Sander

Sioux Air Tools GO459-60SNP Non-Vac 6-Inch Orbital Sander Main ViewWhether you’re sanding an edge, feathering, or aggressive leveling, the Sioux Tools GO459-60SNP Geared Non-Vac 6-Inch Orbital Sander is up tackling your worst sanding tasks.  With an enhanced, ergonomic grip and design, it will make smoothing and leveling easier than ever.  A patented 24-position grip is asymmetrical and highly adjustable, rotates in 15-degree increments across a full 360 degrees for a custom fit and position, and is universal for left- or right-handed operators.  The contour of the power lever has been cleverly molded over the grip to reduce the force needed to engage the sander allowing you to work more comfortably while expending less effort.  Just gently squeeze or release the handle to engage or stop the motor.  To reduce vibration and improve hand comfort, the handle includes molded finger indentations and a thermal plastic coating.  A balance four ball bearing motor is built with a precision-machined steel pinion and ring gear for near vibration-free operation.  Its sealed gearbox is protected from contaminants by two patented dustproof washers for reduced maintenance and long life.  It maintains an excellent power-to-weight ratio while using only 15 CFM.  A built-in muffler reduces sound level to a low 82 dbA.  Here’s what you need to know.

Sioux Air Tools GO459-60SNP Non-Vac Orbital Sander Cutaway ViewFeatures

  • Geared, non-vacuuming, 15 CFM, heavy-duty, 6-inch orbital sander, with an excellent power-to-weight ratio
  • Sioux pneumatic tools sanding power for heavy-duty horizontal or vertical applications
  • Precision-machined steel gears provide smooth, near vibration-free operation and contribute to long life
  • Balanced 4-ball-bearing construction minimizes vibration
  • Its 8-vane motor has a protective dust shield for longer life
  • One-piece, chemical-resistant, thermal-plastic rubber handle can handle the roughest environments
  • 24-position, soft-textured, universal grip rotates a full 360-degrees in 15-degree increments
  • Ergonomic, over-molded, insulated handle has molded finger indentations and polyurethane pads for comfort and reduced vibration
  • Lever-type throttle is easier to engage and reduces fatigue
  • Rear exhaust directs air away from the operator
  • Built-in regulator adjusts speeds up to 1000 rpm
  • Maintenance-free design requires only air line lubrication



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Sioux Air Tools Comparison

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